A Film by Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty

Directors Note

What interests me most deeply in film, and in life are the extremes of human emotion, and the notion that there may be more in this world than meets the eye. Thats exactly the point of this film- “seeing beyond sight”. It is the intensity of experience that these visually impaired live in order to see beyond sight.

 Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty is a Writer, Director and Producer. Born and raised in India, he developed a fascination and appreciation for Indian movies and music. He has studied film at the prestigious Northwest Film Centre, Portland, Oregon. He is a socially conscious and working towards becoming an enduring Director. The Movie, Fire Flies as a whole has an international feel to it and thanks to the director for taking on such a theme and doing a great deal of research on blind, making films and making it a beautiful piece of art. Some of his previous works like ‘The new scarf’ and ‘I am not a chair’ were critically acclaimed and showcased in Hyderabad International Film Festival, AOF International film festival, Beverly Hills Hi-Def film festival, Mid-Valley Video festival, China India community film festival, Ahmedabad international film festival and Nashik international film festival.